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Attorney Aman Patel

Aman, as one friend calls him, is a Fijo-Indo-Oz-Merican. As the nickname indicates, Aman is Indian, but was born and grew up on the tiny pacific islands of Fiji. At a very young age, he and his two sisters moved to Australia, where Aman eventually obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Biotechnology.

Aman moved to America in 2002 and worked at Emory University as a research scientist. While there, he co-authored a paper that was published in a peer reviewed journal. Having achieved success in that field, Aman elected to pursue a new challenge- the Law. Leaving his science career behind, Aman enrolled at Georgia State Law School with hopes to practice Intellectual Property Law.

As it turns out, Aman hated Intellectual Property Law. It was slow. It was tedious. It involved analyzing boring technical documents about how one company’s can opener was slightly different than another company’s can opener. There was no client interaction, just paperwork. That just didn’t fit Aman’s personality.

Right out of law school, Aman formed Loube & Patel, knowing that there was a need for people who could afford a reasonably priced, accessible attorney. His decision to start his own practice was also aided by watching his father and father’s father run their own business. In his first year of practice, Aman helped numerous clients with family law issues, general business litigation, landlord tenant disputes, and even tried a few cases. However, Aman knew quite early on that his passion lied in helping folks that had been injured through no fault of their own. Luckily, Aman did well in handling injury claims, which allowed him to focus solely on personal injury cases.

In 2015, Aman formed the Patel Law Firm; a law firm dedicated exclusively to handling injury and death claims. He started the Patel Law Firm for clients that want prompt and personalized attention to their case; an alternative to those TV law firms whose only goal is to sign thousands of clients and quickly settle their case.

Besides practicing law, Aman enjoys playing sports like golf, football, soccer, and tennis.  According to his wife, he enjoys watching sports a little too much. However, now that they’ve welcomed their first child in November 2014, neither has time for much else!

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Latest Case Results
$1,250,000.00 Pre-Suit Medical Malpractice Settlement
$790,000.00 Trucking Settlement with $500.00 in Property Damage
$75,000.00 Dog Bite Settlement for Minor Child
$400,000.00 Car Accident Settlement with Two Defendants
$100,000.00 Policy Limits Settlement with UM Insurance
$200,000.00 Policy Limits Settlement with Defendant Insurance and UM Insurance
$150,000.00 Nursing Home Settlement during Arbitration
$800,000.00 Car Accident Jury Verdict
$92,000.00 Trucking Settlement after Filing Lawsuit
$75,000.00 Policy Limits Settlement with UM Insurance
$100,000.00 Settlement for Slip & Fall after Filing Lawsuit