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Why Hire a Lawyer When I Can Negotiate with the Insurance Company Directly?

What Is an Insurance Adjuster’s Role in Handling a Car Wreck Claim?

As soon as a Georgia car accident occurs, the case is assigned to an insurance adjuster. The insurance adjuster’s objective is to close the claim by paying as little money as possible. The adjuster’s goal is to save their insurance company money and maximize the insurance company’s profits.

What is an Insurance Company’s Obligation to Injured Persons?

Most people that have been hurt in a car wreck think that the insurance company will be fair to them regarding their injury claim. Unfortunately that is not the case. At the end of the day, the insurance company is in the business of making money. They have no financial and fiduciary duty to persons that are hurt in car accidents. An insurance company only has duties to persons that they insure, i.e. the insured at fault driver.

What Happens If I Don’t Use a Lawyer?

Insurance companies and adjusters know that they can pay less compensation on claims when a person is not represented by a lawyer. They know that people who represent themselves will not be able to properly present their claim if their case goes to trial. They hope that the lengthy and daunting process will result in injured victims accepting their low ball offers. There is no incentive for insurance companies to pay fair settlements when a person represents themselves.

But Do I Really, Really Need a Lawyer?

There are certain situations when a lawyer is not necessarily needed on an injury case. The first situation would be where no one is hurt. The second situation would be where someone is hurt but didn’t seek any medical care. At the very least, every person involved in a car wreck should consult a lawyer. Any good lawyer will be able to give FREE advice and let an injured person know their rights and how to handle their claim if a lawyer will not add any value.

How Can the Patel Law Firm Help?

  • We offer free advice to all persons that have been hurt in car or truck accidents.
  • We provide our honest opinion on whether your case requires a lawyer or not – there are on a few occasions where the lawyer will let the injured victim know that there case doesn’t need a lawyer and what the person must do to present their claim to the insurance company so they can try and get a fair settlement.
  • Our lawyers will let you know the process of how to file a lawsuit if a person wants to handle their claim on their own.

What Are My Rights After a Car Accident?

First, all drivers are required to operate their vehicles in a safe manner and obey traffic laws. When a driver fails to follow the rules of the road and causes a car accident, that is considered negligence. So you have the right, if you have been injured by someone else’s negligence (i.e fault), to be…

Hiring the Right Attorney to Handle your Accident Case

Questions to Ask your Attorney Handling a car, truck or personal injury case takes time. No two cases are alike and each case will take a different length of time to resolve depending on the facts and circumstances of the matter. One factor that an injured client can control is choosing and hiring the right…

My Health Insurance is Asking for Reimbursement Following an Accident

Health Insurance and Reimbursement Health insurance companies such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana, United Healthcare, Aetna, Cigna, and Anthem may have paid your medical bills following an accident or injury. These same health insurance companies may be entitled to reimbursement for the amount of payments that they made. Failure to make reimbursement may result in you being…

Hurt as a Passenger in a Car or Truck Accident

What are the Legal Rights of a Passenger Injured in a Wreck? Car, truck and bus collisions can cause serious injuries to innocent by-standers. These by-standers are typically passengers in a vehicle driven by a family member, a friend, or a co-worker. Sometimes, passengers may be hurt when riding on a bus or another form of public transport (think MARTA, Cobb County…

Contusion and Your Car and Truck Accident

Diagnosed with a Contusion A contusion is a common injury following a car or truck wreck. A contusion diagnosis is usually given by the emergency room doctors or your primary care physician meaning that you have sustained a blunt force trauma to your muscles, skin or the soft tissue part of your body. It is a simple…

Sprain or Strain Following a Car or Truck Accident

What is a Sprain or Strain Even though grouped together, a sprain and strain are technically two different types of injuries. What is a Strain? Strains are damage to the tendons, muscles and bands of tissue that connect the muscle to the bone. What is a Sprain? On the other hand, a sprain is damage to…

How to Get a Copy of Your Medical Records

Medical Records for Your Injury Claim Medical records are objective evidence when evaluating and attempting to settle an injury claim. Unlike a persons statement, which is subjective and can change over time, a medical record is a document produced by your medical provider at the time you are actually getting medical care. These records will document the day…

Open Records Request

Gathering Evidence Through Open Records Request Almost all car and truck accidents result in the police being called to the scene. As part of their investigation, the police will speak to all persons involved in the wreck, talk to witnesses, and try and obtain any video footage depicting the wreck. Afterwards, the investigating police officer will…

Insurance Company Wants a Medical Release

Medical Release An insurance agent will send you numerous requests and documents after a car or truck accident. Most requests are unnecessary and just add to the stress of your recovery. A medical authorization release is typically requested so that the insurance company can access and obtain your medical records. Why Are They Asking for a Medical Release…

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$1,250,000.00 Pre-Suit Medical Malpractice Settlement
$790,000.00 Trucking Settlement with $500.00 in Property Damage
$75,000.00 Dog Bite Settlement for Minor Child
$400,000.00 Car Accident Settlement with Two Defendants
$100,000.00 Policy Limits Settlement with UM Insurance
$200,000.00 Policy Limits Settlement with Defendant Insurance and UM Insurance
$150,000.00 Nursing Home Settlement during Arbitration
$800,000.00 Car Accident Jury Verdict
$92,000.00 Trucking Settlement after Filing Lawsuit
$75,000.00 Policy Limits Settlement with UM Insurance
$100,000.00 Settlement for Slip & Fall after Filing Lawsuit