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Contusion and Your Car and Truck Accident

Diagnosed with a Contusion

A contusion is a common injury following a car or truck wreck. A contusion diagnosis is usually given by the emergency room doctors or your primary care physician meaning that you have sustained a blunt force trauma to your muscles, skin or the soft tissue part of your body. It is a simple way of saying that you have bruise.

Symptoms of a Contusion

Symptoms of a contusion include pain as well as swelling in the area sustaining the blunt force trauma. Discoloration of the skin will occur due to the the tearing of the blood vessels near the skin and soft tissue part of your body. The discoloration will be black and blue and spread over the skin where the blood has leaked into the soft tissues and muscles.

Positive Diagnosis of a Contusion

The simplest method to diagnosis a contusion is by physical examination. A doctor will visually look for bruises or areas where the skin color is not normal. Likewise, a doctor may touch various parts of your body to illicit a pain reaction. A doctor may also perform range of motion tests to see if there are any limitations on your body movement. Finally, a doctor may order x-rays, MRIs and CT scans to confirm his or her diagnosis.

Treatment of a Contusion

A contusion may heal on its own over time. However, other treatment options are available depending on the severity and location of your contusion. Hot and cold packs may be used to reduce the swelling. Resting the affected body area is another option so as not to use and irritate the affected body part. Compression may be suitable if your contusion is located on your hands and ankles so as to limit the pain when using that body part. You may also be prescribed medications to help with the pain and swelling if the contusion continues to persist.

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