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Category Archives: Compensation

Bringing an Injury Case for your Child

Helping Injured Children Small children and even teenagers can be badly hurt in an accident. Injuries may include loss of limbs, paralysis, death or broken bones. In Georgia, persons under the age of 18 cannot handle their own injury case. Rather, a natural parent or the child’s guardian are the persons that bring the claim on behalf…

Property Damage Claim – Car Repair & Rental

Damage to Your Car Car and truck accident cases involve two separate and distinct claims. The first claim is referred to the damage done to your property. The second claim is the damage done to yourself, i.e. injury claim. Property Damage Claims Property damage claims allow you to recover for the damage done to your property. In…

Kennesaw Car, Truck & Personal Injury Lawyer

Kennesaw Attorney As an injury lawyer, I openly talk to you about what I expect when you retain my services for your Kennesaw car, truck or accident claim. Likewise, I explain to you what you should expect from my firm regarding your case. Honesty The first rule that I speak about is being honest. This is a two way street because I…

Smyrna Car, Truck & Personal Injury Attorney

Smyrna Injury Lawyer There are hundreds of law firms in Smyrna to choose from in handling your car, truck or personal injury case. Many of these law firms seem capable of handling an accident case; however there are some factors that you should consider before retaining legal representation. What Areas Do They Practice? Many law firms advertise for injury cases, but at the same…

Marietta Car, Truck & Personal Injury Attorney

Marietta Injury Lawyer Marietta is the largest city in Cobb County and home to many exceptional hospitals. These hospitals deliver great medical care, especially to those persons hurt in a car wreck or injured by a truck. The nurses and doctors have been trained to also treat victims of dog bites and nursing home neglect & abuse. Hospitals that do provide…

Wrongful Death Claims

Recovering for the Death of a Loved One Wrongful death claims are established in Georgia by statute. Official Code of Georgia Annotated §51-4-1 lists the rules and procedures on how to successfully bring a Wrongful Death claim. These rules determine the time limits, who can bring a claim, what can be recovered as well as how…

Does My Case Involve Punitive Damages

Punishing Bad Drivers Punitive damages are awarded in Georgia not to compensate injured victims but to punish the Defendant for his or her own acts. Punitive damages must be specifically plead and shown by clear and convincing evidence. The clear and convincing standard is much higher than what is regularly required to obtain compensation for…

Types of Damages in Injury Claims

Compensation in Injury Cases The law gives authority to what types of damages are recoverable in injury cases. The two most common in Georgia are special and general damages. In certain circumstances a person might be entitled to punitive damages which will be discussed in another article. Special Damages This item of recovery includes medical bills…

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$1,250,000.00 Pre-Suit Medical Malpractice Settlement
$790,000.00 Trucking Settlement with $500.00 in Property Damage
$75,000.00 Dog Bite Settlement for Minor Child
$400,000.00 Car Accident Settlement with Two Defendants
$100,000.00 Policy Limits Settlement with UM Insurance
$200,000.00 Policy Limits Settlement with Defendant Insurance and UM Insurance
$150,000.00 Nursing Home Settlement during Arbitration
$800,000.00 Car Accident Jury Verdict
$92,000.00 Trucking Settlement after Filing Lawsuit
$75,000.00 Policy Limits Settlement with UM Insurance
$100,000.00 Settlement for Slip & Fall after Filing Lawsuit