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As an injury lawyer, I openly talk to you about what I expect when you retain my services for your Kennesaw car, truck or accident claim. Likewise, I explain to you what you should expect from my firm regarding your case.


The first rule that I speak about is being honest. This is a two way street because I expect you to be honest about how your accident occurred, what injuries you sustained and how you are feeling. Likewise, I am brutally honest with you about your Kennesaw injury case, your likelihood of recovery, and potential problems associated with your claim. At the end of the day, I, as your injury attorney am your advocate and will do what I can to reach a fair resolution. Likewise, I expect you to be honest so that there are no surprises while your injury case is on-going. Luckily, most of my clients have been able to follow this simple rule as if you cannot trust your attorney, who can you trust to properly handle your car, truck or injury case.

Getting Medical Treatment

Almost all injury cases are determined upon the injuries you have sustained as well as the medical care you receive. The saying goes “that people who are hurt will treat for their injuries, whereas people who are not injured will not seek medical help”. This is an area, which is highly scrutinized by insurance companies when trying to reach a fair settlement. It is paramount that you seek medical treatment if you are hurt and are in pain. Failing to seek medical care is the number one reason why insurance companies deny claims and give low settlement offers. Fortunately, the Patel Law Firm has numerous connections with many physical therapists, chiropractors, orthopedists, and pain management specialists within Kennesaw to treat for your back, shoulder, neck and bodily injuries.

Attorney Fees and Expenses

All injury lawyers should handle accident cases on a contingent basis, which means that attorneys don’t earn a fee until money is recovered. Contingent fees vary from 1/3 of the gross amount recovered to 45% depending on the type of case as well as the underlying facts. The good news about contingent fees is that you can seek legal representation without having to pay upfront fees for a lawyer to handle your car or truck claim. Also, your injury attorney should pay for any expenses associated in handling your accident case. This would entail expenses such as obtaining police reports, medical records, as well as hiring necessary experts in cases involving slip & falls, and nursing home abuse & neglect. This is a risk that a lawyer takes in handling an accident case in return for a contingent fee. Please remember that all expenses are recovered if the Patel Law Firm has a successful outcome.

Injury Claim Process

Many clients want to know when their Kennesaw case will be resolved. Unfortunately, there is no specific time frame as each case is different. No case cannot be resolved until you have recovered from your injuries or their doctor has basically said this is as good as it is going to get. At that point, your attorney should obtain all the necessary documents to present your injury case to the insurance company. Remember, all injury cases are settled for a lump sum, meaning that you cannot ask for more later. As you can imagine, rushing a settlement may be disastrous if your symptoms reappear prompting further treatment. Luckily, most injury cases settle within 12 months as most injuries heal within that time. Injuries that require medical treatment for longer than 12 months suggest that your injuries may be permanent and life changing, i.e. herniated discs. In these situations, your attorney may need to file a lawsuit to obtain fair compensation.

Dealing with An Insurance Company

Insurance companies will start calling you everyday following a wreck. They will want to take your recorded statement. They will want to know about your injuries. They will want to know about your medical treatment. They will want to know if you have missed work. They will want to know about prior injuries and accidents. They will ask you a million questions, while your car is broken and you are still hurting. My advice to you is to make sure that you are first examined by a doctor and then have the insurance handle the property damage claim. It should be relatively simple for the insurance to fix your car. Likewise, it should be simple for them to get you into a rental. If your car is totaled, then it should be simple to determine the value of your car. You should not be discussing and giving statements regarding your injury claim. This can all wait when it is actually time to resolve the injury case. The reason that insurance companies seek such information is to start building their case against you.

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